Caja de Dano

The original all-button wood controller made for Smash Bros Ultimate; built for lagless USB input and consistent input.

Built for Smash. Great for Gaming

Button Remapping

The Caja is fully customizable; meaning that any button can be remapped to your preferences using our software. For more information on the controller config software click here.

Multiple Profiles

The Caja is capable of storing 5 different profiles, each with its own layout. Without having to reprogram your device you just need to reboot and hold the appropriate config button while it boots.

Tournament Legal

The Caja is legal at major Smash events like (but not limited to) Genesis, Frostbite, Evo. We are excited to push forward the progress of the Smash community and custom controllers.

Finely crafted controller that comes with an instruction guide. Dan works with you on getting the color scheme you want and I've had no issues getting this to work with the switch. A great buy!

George C.

Overall a well crafted controller. The buttons have a satisfying click to them and the layout feels very natural.It even came with a useful guide explaining the basic of learning it, some practice exercises for more advanced techniques in smash, and some troubleshooting for issues that may come up. Dan was very nice and helpful in the emails that we had. I would definitely recommend this if you are interested.


The box is very pretty. It also feels good to play. The seller is friendly and responsive to questions. The box ships with instructions on what the buttons do, suggestions on how to get comfortable with it, and a wiring diagram for troubleshooting/customization purposes.


PC Support

Built for USB so it can be recognized and used on modern consoles.


- Compatible with Wii/U, Switch, PC, Xbox One/X, PS4/5

- Default profiles for Smash Ultimate, Melee, ProjectM, Rivals of Aether, and many more

- Layout Manager software for full reconfiguration - more info

- Birch wood case - 16" x 9" x 3"

- Sanwa OBSF-24 Buttons (Snap-in 24mm)

What's included: 1 Caja with 23 buttons, Gold plated USB-C cable (5 feet), Getting Started + Support Manual


USA: Included in the Price

International: ~$50 (depending on the country this may vary as all boxes are shipped from California)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there may be some difficulties with international shipping. Our team will verify the order can be fulfilled in a timely manner and refund fully if necessary.