VOD Ripper

Use Cases

  • Tournament organizer who runs a stream but doesn't have time to go back and break down each set into VODs for their YouTube channel
  • Streamer who wants to save key gameplay from a stream
  • Teams that want to split their scrim practice matches into VODs for coach review

How it works

Copy your Twitch video link and submit it for processing by the automatic set detector or manually set timestamps to breakdown the video into chunks as needed. All created videos can be directly saved to your computer or uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Once your Twitch video has been submitted it'll be processed by our servers and you'll be notified as soon as your videos are ready to be downloaded or reviewed in YouTube Studio.


The VOD ripper is available as a monthly service and is based on your individual usage. Plans start at $10 and can be upgraded as needed. Since needs of customers are varied someone will be follow-up with you to ensure you aren't being charged for unnecessary features.

Submit a request form below and someone will be in contact with additional details and info on next steps.